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Your brand is your story. Glinda Creative helps you tell that story in meaningful ways to precisely the market you want to reach. Armed with creativity, experience, and a toolbox of strategies to drive, assess, and measure results, we’re fueled by enhancing your success. Hire Glinda

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“Dorothy lived in the midst of the great Kansas prairies …” With these ten words, author L. Frank Baum, began the journey that all of us travel in search of our own Emerald City. We go seeking heart, wisdom, courage and the pathway that will lead us home.

Your projects and dreams are both destinations and journeys. But before you can reach your City of Emeralds, you’ll need friends with heart, wisdom, and courage to help you refine your vision, give it magical sparkle, and uncover the power it inherently holds.

In 2008, Linda Parker, a seasoned writer and brand communicator, began working with talented professionals whose experience included branding strategies, graphic design, logos, advertising, copywriting, email communications, scripting, messaging, search engine optimization, and amazing and effective website design, building, and support. Immediately, the synergy of their talents produced a powerful dynamic. Over the years, their virtual team evolved into a marketing force, and they recognized:  “You’ve always had the Power, my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself.” --Glinda The Good Witch

The result is Glinda Creative**. →More about the mission behind Glinda Creative.

**Now expanded to include the professional input of flying monkeys with uniquely specialized skills.

Wisdom Results Driven Marketing


But enough about Oz. Glinda Creative knows that the real work happens in the trenches, in the relationships you forge, and frequently, in cyberspace. These case studies show how Glinda Creative helps individuals and organizations create or refine brand messaging, target delivery, and realize the greatest return from their marketing outreach.

Courage What Does this Mean for You?


The project ahead of you may feel daunting, even overwhelming. Don't worry--we've got this.

Whether your project calls for tomorrow’s technology or timeless artistry, you are operating in our comfort zone. Glinda Creative’s clients include marketing directors, startups, freewheeling entrepreneurs, traditionally structured companies in tightly regulated industries, and a diversity of individuals and businesses in between. → Find out more about all the ways Glinda Creative can help you.