Every online publisher should do this

Every online publisher should do this

In Publishing by Linda Parker

Last week, during a ‘touch base’ phone call with Carrie Vandever and Sharon Wilson at The Trades, Carrie casually mentioned that she had added a drop-down menu tab for “Linda Parker Articles“. Wait–what? Oh wow!!

For a print and online publisher to add designated pages on which to compile work individually from its frequent freelance contributors requires only a little added effort on the publisher’s part. But for both the writer and the publisher, the rewards are measurable.

Win-Win for the online publisher and the freelance writer

First, there’s the goodwill and added loyalty built between the freelance writer and the publication. While many publications have “feature pages” for their salaried staff writers, the practice rarely filters down to include freelancers. But why shouldn’t it? Countless publications use the same freelance journalists and writers, week after week or month after month, establishing a relationship that can be equally as strong as that of a publisher and its employees.

Most writers today have their own website, social sites, and network of those they influence. When writers do exactly what I am doing now, and share the link to their dedicated page with their fans and followers, they expand the visibility of the publication, create valued backlinks, and communicate to other writers that this publication respects and cares for its freelancers.

In today’s work world, independent contractors, the self-employed, and the full gamut of gig workers give up so very much in the form of benefits, job security, and other valued perks of employment. Isn’t it really, really nice to see a savvy and thoughtful business that is looking out for (and appreciating) its freelance talent?

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