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Elevation Financial Group Identity Package

The first judgement people make about your brand is based on how it looks. Designing, redesigning, or expanding your brand identity calls for an organized and strategic line of attack. A brand fails when it is not memorable, doesn’t inspire confidence, and can’t be executed in a range of applications.

Using a deliberated and proven approach, Glinda Creative helps you translate your brand into a visual identity that differentiates you in your market and engages your current and prospective clients and customers.


Services Include

  • Logos
  • Corporate communications collateral
  • Advertising conceptualization and imagery
  • Product packaging
  • Brand identity standards for internal and vendor use


In a world where reading has transformed into “skimming,” every word you share becomes more precious than ever, carrying the charge to communicate volumes, while captivating the audience for as long as possible. Adding to the complexity of messaging is the necessity that your words must resonate equally (and naturally) with both human readers and search engines.

You have a story and much to tell. Effective messaging shapes that story into manageable bits and bytes that stick. The most frequently shared comment we hear from our clients is, “That is exactly what I would have written if only I could have!”

Services Include

  • Print and web communications
  • Advertising messaging
  • Social media messaging
  • Content marketing strategies
  • Radio, television, video, and presentation scripting
  • Public relations, media releases, reports and corporate communications

Communicating your visual design and honed message involves multiple directions and platforms. Some of the many ways Glinda Creative can help you include:

Web Design

  • Website design, wire framing, site building, and web copywriting
  • Existing site troubleshooting for user experience issues (UX); ecommerce processes; and search results visibility
  • Website analytics, conversion rate analysis, updating, and website maintenance
  • Social media site set-up or revision to existing social media sites


  • Marketing plans
  • Advertising calendar development, traditional, online, and social media
  • Editorial content planning
  • Short-term and long-term brand strategies
  • Media releases and press kits


  • Email campaigns
  • Signage, banners
  • Articles, eBooks, and books edited, written, or ghostwritten
  • eBook and self-publishing design, editing, and formatting
  • Publishing packages for start-up and established authors