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The team at the Development Authority of Fulton County contacted Glinda Creative to update their website into a cleaner, more modern experience. Their old website had been built many years ago and contained a lot of pages that were outdated and no longer relevant to their prospective clients. Glinda Creative reduced their page overhead and streamlined the experience to put DAFC’s message front-and-center and encourage direct outreach to DAFC.

Branding example for DAFC
branding elements used in the website

Throughout the website, many small touches were added to reinforce branding, such as using an element from their logo (the arrow-shaped A from DAFC), as a prominent, recurring visual element. Colors were drawn directly from their logo and used in both text elements and image selection.

custom data display DAFC

DAFC holds meetings each month that always have specific required documentation. Glinda Creative built a tidy table display to provide visitors with a well-organized, easy to navigate experience.

custom mobile interface example

Mobile-friendliness for the whole website, including elements like the meetings data table, are key to the design approach.

DAFC custom data management

In order to provide DAFC with critical time-saving options for managing recurring events like their monthly meetings, Glinda Creative developed multiple custom data types to turn previously tedious site updates into simple data entry tasks.

custom dashboard DAFC

A full user guide for custom data elements was created, as well as a custom dashboard widget for fast access to both common activities and their associated help files.

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