Women Doing Well logo

Women Doing Well approached Glinda Creative to assist with applying their rebranding to their website. Their team provided us with their full brand guide, and notes on how they wanted their new website to reflect their new look. Glinda Creative provided a full rebuild of their website, with every detail covered.

Throughout the website, new fonts were implemented, new brand colors, and all new graphics and images.

Women Doing Well home page header

The home page header was given a clean update, with a transparent header and a new hero image incorporating their new brand colors as a soft transition into the rest of the page.

Women Doing Well home page center

An area of the page intended to present the WDW message was restructured to put their message front and center.

Women Doing Well home page blog area

The bottom of the home page was updated to provide a feed of the most recent posts to the blog.

Women Doing Well footer

Women Doing Well developed graphic elements to be used throughout the website. These images were used as backgrounds, like the one used in the updated website footer.

Women Doing Well blog area

Retreat Resources details page

Internal pages such as the blog and the resources page were retooled working alongside the Women Doing Well team to realize their vision and make adjustments to style, content, and layout.

Women Doing Well interior page header

Internal pages got an update to the header, the navigation reflects the brand colors, images were hand-chosen in a coordinated effort between Glinda’s design team and WDW’s.

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